Marketing Maturity Profile

The Digital Master

Your results.

You’re an experienced digital campaigner – and it shows. Your organisation scores highly in all aspects of our Index and outperforms the majority of respondents in our global survey. This shows you have a strong appreciation for digitally-driven customer journeys with a high degree of personification and sales integration. These are the hallmarks of a confident, mature and outwardly focused enterprise.

The overall picture is good, but a few minor areas remain for you to address, which is apparent in your score breakdown below. Consider these areas of enhancement on your journey to building a marketing cloud that will ultimately power your enterprise to new heights of customer intimacy.Going forward, it will be important to establish a strong skills base internally – learning from external advisers that can help you select the right marketing cloud technologies and deploy revenue optimising campaigns.

Reach & Attract

The effectiveness of your lead generation activity is hampered by insufficient data segmentation, a deep reliance on non-digital channels and an outmoded approach to content marketing. A greater focus on inbound media will help you address these shortcomings and cost-effectively scale up the visibility of your brand online and offline.

Engage & Inspire

Your web architecture and approach to content generation is inhibiting your ability to form deep levels of engagement with your prospects. As such, you are probably experiencing low levels of web visits, content downloads and leads that can be directly attributed to marketing. It’s important for you to begin mapping content to your prospects’ business issues and not your product portfolio or organizational structure. The architecture of your web platforms should mirror this approach – resulting in a better user experience with higher levels of engagement.

Nurture & Convert

With the majority of the buyer journey now taking place online, rather than face-to-face, there’s little doubt digital marketing should be playing a greater role in your lead nurturing. Unfortunately, your current approach relies too heavily on manual intervention and basic communication triggers. To improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and sales conversion rates, it would be prudent to invest in campaign automation technology to power your inbound and outbound activity.

Analyse & Optimise

You score highly as a result of your commitment to best-of-breed marketing cloud solutions and investment in specialists to commandeer them. This shows that you have a customer-centric culture and a marketing function that is highly accountable to the business – in the form of hard, commercial metrics.

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