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Small business consulting services to help you drive competitive advantage by harnessing the potential of digital.

Digital Strategy
Marketing Operations
Customer Experience
Data Visualization
Marketing Automation
Digital Strategy
Marketing Operations
Customer Experience
Data Visualization
Marketing Automation
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Are you adopting the best marketing technology for your business? Are you getting a good ROI on the technology that you are using? Do you have a vision and road-map for evolving the way you harness digital to compete? Our consulting services help your organisation to leverage digital to unlock new capabilities and to approach business challenges and opportunities with confidence. Our mission is to to help your business to develop and build new capabilities, establish a technology and innovation road-map, with education, training and knowledge transfer embedded in all engagements.

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Keep pace in the age of digital transformation

Over the past decade, business has been fundamentally transformed. Technology advancements and the proliferation of personal mobile devices, converging with search, social and information platforms, underpinned/enabled by increased computation, storage and network infrastructure, have changed the way individuals, organisations and brands connect.

When developing and enhancing a digital strategy, there is no one system, tool or approach that fits all companies equally well. Naturally learning from others is important, however just as it works for another, does not mean it will work equally well for your organisation. You need to develop an explicit digital strategy which aligns with your specific competitive needs.

As large enterprise struggle with complex digital transformation services, an opportunity exist for smart and agile business builders, like you, to chart your path to success through smart investments in developing your digital capabilities. We can help your business to  thrive with digital - accelerate growth and to build sustained competitive advantage.

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Shape a winning
technology & innovation strategy
Reduce costs and improve
efficiency of marketing operations
Provide a better
customer experience
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Consulting Services

Digital Strategy

Whether your focus is purely on digital marketing, developing capabilities and adopting new technologies, or transforming services with digital to serve customers in new ways, we can guide your team in creating or refining your digital strategy. Learn More >

Marketing Operations

Developing a strategic approach to building and enhancing your marketing-machine is fundamental to growth. How might your business best build digital marketing capabilities and competencies to establish a high performance, continually improving platform? Our services guide your business in creating and refining your marketing operations. Learn More >

Customer Experience

Technology convergence is driving economic shifts in consumption. As large enterprises are challenged with costly and complex digital transformation projects, an opportunity exists for smaller more flexible organisations to design and deliver world-class and competitive customer experiences. Our services help your business adopt best-in-class technologies, tools and practices. Learn More >

Data Visualisation & Analytics

Most organisations hold vast troves of data - however few harness this in an effective way to support improved data-driven decision making, customer experience and improved operations. Democratizing technologies in data management provide SME with enterprise capabilities. Better insight = better control. Our services help your business to unify and aggregate data to improve decision making. Learn More >

Insights & Case Studies

Our Consulting Process


Establishing Clear & Measurable Goals

We commence by asking new clients "What do you want to achieve? From here we distill this objective to make it specific, measurable and achievable. Articulating this questions provides pathway to establish the direction of the project.

Data & Insights Driven Approach

With a clear objective established, we undertake research to understand your business - we check business metrics, audience analytics, website and social media data, to establish a maturity profile for your organisation. These collective insights form basis for strategy generation.

Enhancing your organisations capabilities

All projects are guided by the principle of building long-term and sustained capabilities for your growth-minded business.

Competitive advantage through technology

Democratizing technologies enable SME to build enterprise capabilities and compete in new ways. Those which adopt new technologies are positioned to become market leaders. We help clients, ensure their technology stack is optimized to unlock competitive advantage.
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Self Assessment

How does your Marketing-Machine stack up?

Self improvement starts with self-analysis. Smart business builders, like you, invest in a combination of people, processes and systems to power and scale marketing initiatives. Take the Digital Marketing Self-Assessment to discover where your business stacks up on the maturity continuum.

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Self Assessment

How does your Customer Experience stack up?

Approximately 70% of the customer journey now takes place online, McKinsey & Co, 2017. This acts as a catalyst for investments to improve Customer Experience Management capabilities and to harness the opportunities which the increasingly central, digital customer journey presents to enhance interactions and value exchange. Take the CX Self-Assessment to discover where your business stacks up on the maturity continuum.

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SME Marketing Hub

Optiflows SME client Marketing Hub is designed to streamline your operations. Making it easy to repeat activity that works, on board new team members with ease, improve operations efficiency - and unlock growth! Hub clients receives a free SEO report and 4 Management Dashboards.