How does your marketing
machine stack up?

Self improvement starts with self-analysis. Smart business builders, like you, invest in a combination of people, processes and systems to power and scale marketing initiatives. Take the Digital Marketing Self-Assessment to discover where your business stacks up on the maturity continuum.

The Digital Marketing self-audit measures capabilities in 4 domains.

Reach & Attract

  • Data / Customer Profiling
  • Channels / devices / Media
  • Consumption Mediums / Asset types

Engage & Inspire

  • Digital - Web / Social
  • Content  / Frequency / Segmentation
  • Hosting & Tracking

Nurture & Convert

  • Nurturing and re-targeting
  • Lead scoring
  • Sales enablement

Analyse & Optimise

  • Skills – specialization
  • Technology – automation / CRM
  • Reporting / analytics
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How does your marketing-machine stack up?

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