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James Richmond

An accomplished marketing professional with end-to-end management skillset; including strategy, execution and evaluation.   Passionate about the intersection between new technologies, mediums, marketing, consumer behaviour and its impact on society at large.

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Dear Business Builder,

Over the past decade, business has been fundamentally transformed. Technology advancements and the proliferation of personal mobile devices, converging with search, social and information platforms, underpinned/enabled by increased computation, storage and network infrastructure, have changed the way individuals, organisations and brands connect.

New digital channels and devices, including search, social media, and mobile, create unprecedented amounts of data at each and every customer touchpoint. These structural shifts have provided new possibilities for organizations (large and small) to optimize the value exchange at every stage of the customer journey, and develop totally new products and services.

Increasingly commodified products and services across industries are compounding the emergence of an ‘experience economy’. This presents a new competitive enviroment for smart business builders, like you, to enhance value creation through improved real-time insight, visibility and influence. In this environment, customer experience (CX) is becoming the new brand – and customer experience management (CXM) a fundamental pillar to delivering Brand/CX strategy - and unlocking sustained competitive advantage.

To survive and thrive in the emergent ‘experience economy’, SME organisations must have the right culture, people, process and systems and embed CX & CXM practices at the core. I can help your business build and enhance your digital and CXM capabilites and develop new products and services with confidence. Lets connect.

James Richmond, Lead Consultant at Optiflows
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